This photo…

I love this photo. It makes me want to do two things; walk down that path and see what’s next, what’s around the bend. Also, it brings me back to that day and time. I work very close to where this picture was taken. I had a feeling of “drifting” that day. I feel like this whenever I do the same thing for too long. Like I am on autopilot or something. I am not necessarily unhappy – just… melancholy perhaps. I find myself longing for something.


Along my journey, I’ve discovered a few things. And I sincerely hope to discover many more… And to move towards Love. I want to learn about myself and try to change some of the habits I have that I don’t like about myself. I think I’ve finally figured out the root reason of all the crazy boxing matches inside my head. Judgement. I am always judging things; people, situations, reasons why, etc., etc., and on and on. It was my environment during my formative years and I’ve discovered I’ve gotten stuck there. I am most critical and unforgiving of myself. Dissecting, correcting and reliving everything I do in my head. I am way inside my head too often.


Little steps. Lacking consistent guidance all of my life, I have finally figured out that we all need to live to a higher calling. Despite the precious individuality we all are so proud of, it’s not possible to have it all together. A favorite quote on my fridge reads: “No one ever has it all together. That’s like trying to eat once and for all.”

Along the way, right about where the path bends, I grabbed my phone and cued up a playlist I created, put in my earbuds and cranked the music up way loud. The rich bass started in the middle of my brain and quickly spread into my chest and by the first chorus, I was skipping. I think I was singing, too – my dog, Shelby suddenly stopped and gave me a curious look. No matter – I had begun to skip and let the music take me around the bend.

Maybe this tune will cause you to act the same. I sure hope so.

Committed – Newsboys


(I take no credit for the content of this video, lyrics, or creation in any way. This is merely a link to a song I wish to share with you)

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